Developer mode features on Realme

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Developer mode features on Realme

Every Android smartphone has a hidden menu that is designed for developers and repairmen. But there are also many useful options for the average user. In this article, let's take a look at the developer mode features in Realme UI (ColorOS).

Useful settings for Realme phones

В рамках данной статьи мы не будем рассматривать все функции из меню для разработчиков Android. Затронем только те функции, которые улучшат или упростят работу со смартфоном Реалми. На этой странице описано как войти в Developer Mode.


Developer mode features on Realme

This section provides general information on the average RAM usage on your smartphone. You can see which mode is currently in use for operation, the total amount of RAM and the balance for the selected period.

If you click on the item "Application memory usage", you can see exactly which system applications and processes are running at the moment. Also here you can find the downloaded applications and stop them if necessary.

Do not use the lock screen

With this option you can skip the lock screen, that is, after pressing the power button in sleep mode the phone will immediately return to the last screen, while bypassing the lock screen saver.

Также учитывайте, если у вас стоит пароль для входа в смартфон (лицо, отпечаток или пин-код), то для включения функции «не использовать экран блокировки» система предложит удалить все пароли, отпечатки и сканы лица.

Do not turn off the screen when charging

The name of this item speaks for itself. If we activate the function "do not turn off the screen when charging", then during the connection of the USB cable to the power supply, and therefore charging the smartphone, the display will not go to sleep mode.

OEM code unlocking

Enable this option when we want to start the bootloader unlocking process. Detailed unlock instructions can be found in this article.

Working services

Developer mode features on Realme

This menu is essentially analogous to the Task Manager found in Windows. The option allows you to see which processes are currently running on the smartphone, how much RAM is being used and which applications are using it.

Перечисленные приложения упорядочены по использованию ОЗУ. Когда вы нажимаете на нужную программу, можно увидеть определенные процессы и службы, которые используются. Это позволяет отключать приложения, потребляющие оперативную память, которые вы не используете в данный момент.

But don't do it with system applications and processes you don't know.

USB debugging

Developer mode features on Realme

Это довольно полезный пункт, который дает разрешение компьютеру при подключении по USB выполнять определенные действия. Например, с помощью включенной отладки по USB можно удалить системные приложения или установить кастомное рекавери.

Screen refresh rate

Developer mode features on Realme

The refresh rate of a smartphone's display indicates how many times per second the matrix updates the displayed image. The higher the refresh rate, the smoother, more responsive, and smoother the picture on the screen looks. The function appeared with the release of Android 11.

System trace

Developer mode features on Realme

In short, this setting is for developers. If you have some items enabled, you can disable them. In this way, you stop certain processes that write logs on the use of the smartphone. You can also delete system saves, i.e. already recorded data.

Limit the search for WiFi networks

We recommend activating this item, so that the Realme smartphone is not constantly trying to find new networks in range to connect.

Do not disable mobile data

We advise you to disable this function, as it is only necessary for instant switching from Wi-Fi to mobile data. It will only work when, for example, the wireless connection is interrupted and the phone quickly switches to the mobile network. In other cases mobile data will consume unnecessary resources in the background when connecting to Wi-Fi.

Hardware acceleration in modem mode

Enable this option when you connect your Android phone as a wired USB modem to distribute Internet to your computer. This feature improves the distribution slightly and optimizes data flow.

USB Default Configuration

Change the default USB connection setting to automatically select the method most commonly used when connecting your phone to a PC. We recommend to set data transfer (Android Auto). This way when you connect Realme to your computer, we already have data transfer as default.

Enable Gabeldorsche

The option is designed specifically to ensure the stability of Bluetooth networks, thereby improving wireless connectivity.

Bluetooth AVRCP version

Developer mode features on Realme

Here it is best to choose 1.5 with better optimization. This version will already include all the features of 1.4 and 1.5. This is a setting that is used to remotely control various bluetooth devices. The newer versions of AVRCP support the operation of multiple devices simultaneously.

Bluetooth audio codec

If you are experiencing certain problems, lags, bugs, and the problem is definitely not with the headset when listening to music through bluetooth headphones, then try installing different playback codecs. This is the same as, for example, video codecs for your computer.

Animation scale

Developer mode features on Realme

There will be 3 items that are responsible for performing open/close windows and transitions. It does not affect the speed, although many people think on the contrary. But just visually application windows and system processes will work faster or slower. The smaller is the value (0.5) - the faster will be animation

Smallest width

By changing this setting, you can adjust the size of menu items, labels in settings and system applications, the notification panel, and icons on the desktop. You can select a value within the range of 320-1000 dp.

Forced to set 4xMSAA

Enabling this option slightly improves graphics quality and smoothes pixels in games and applications with OpenGL support. But on weak devices can cause bugs and increased battery consumption.

Simulate a color space

Switching the color sampling will help some people with visual impairments.

Limiting work in the background

Here you can experiment with the background processes and set them to e.g. 3 or 4. It is not recommended to completely disable everything.

Adaptive notifications priority

At the very top will automatically sort all notifications by importance. For example, if you most often see and click on notifications from the YouTube app, then those notifications will most often appear at the top of the list, regardless of the time of arrival.

Resetting ShortcutManager counters

Tapping this item removes all notifications that are highlighted on the desktop by numbers on applications or folders. That is, this will reset the counter of notifications you haven't seen.

Video tutorial

Well, that's basically it. We looked at the most useful items in the menu for developers on the example of Realme UI 2.0. If you find more options - then write in comments.

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